From Rome: Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Villa Tivoli Day Tour

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Embark on a mesmerizing day trip from Rome to Tivoli, where the grandeur of Hadrian's Villa and the breathtaking beauty of Villa D'Este await. Wander through the lavish gardens that once belonged to the influential Borgias, and delve into the majestic imperial palaces built by the revered Emperor Hadrian.

Escape the bustle of Rome and make your way to Tivoli, where two of Italy's most beloved villas await. On this immersive full-day tour, you'll delve into the captivating worlds of Villa D'Este and Hadrian's Villa, with ample time to wander the majestic grounds of these extraordinary country estates. Your journey begins at Hadrian's Villa, an ancient wonder built in the 2nd century by the illustrious Emperor Hadrian. This colossal residence, once surpassing the grandeur of Imperial Rome, boasts an astounding complex of imperial palaces, temples, theaters, thermal baths, and pools - a testament to the engineering prowess of the ancient Romans. After a leisurely lunch, venture into the enchanting realm of Villa D'Este, a late Renaissance masterpiece and former residence of Lucrezia Borgia's son. Stroll through the villa's breathtaking gardens, marvel at the towering trees, and discover the ornate waterfalls and fountains that have captivated visitors for centuries. Must-see attractions include the elegant caryatids and columns of the Canopus and Serapeum, the serene pool and artificial grotto inspired by an ancient Egyptian city, and the Maritime Theatre, where legend has it that a humble Roman dwelling once served as a retreat from the demands of royal life.