Rome: Catacomb Guided Tour with Transfer by Panoramic Bus

USD 44



Get ready to have your assumptions about Rome turned upside down on this incredibly unique journey of discovery. The itinerary includes some of the most uncommon, mysterious, and outlandish sites the Eternal City has to offer.

This underground tour of the Catacombs takes you deeper into the unusual history of Rome, far below its busy streets and towering monuments to the concealed side of this ancient city. The tour begins at one of the most spectacular centrally located squares in Rome, Venice Square, next to the Townhall. A panoramic open bus will take you to the Catacombs following a roundtrip panoramic route. Located just outside the city and hidden deep underground, the catacombs were created in the second century in response to a land shortage for deceased remains. Dating almost 2,000 years to the 2nd century AD, this extensive network of underground tunnels was once a burial ground and a place of worship for the first Christians in Rome. With an expert guide, you’ll explore these extensive tunnels lined with tombs carved right out of the rock, and hear the fascinating history of these sacred places. Combine your tour with the additional option to visit the Trevi district underground. Explore the ruins and hidden passages beneath the Trevi district and the surrounding area.