Rome: Colosseum Arena, Forum and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

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Skip the lines at the Colosseum on this Gladiator Arena Tour. Explore the restricted-access area with a professional guide. Choose from multiple tour options with visits that include Palantine Hill and the Forum.

Skip the lines and enter the Colosseum through a restricted-access entrance to the Gladiator Arena. During the tour, your guide will walk you through the Colosseum, while explaining the true brilliance behind its engineering. Learn the history behind this magnificent monument and all that surrounds it. The iconic structure was built as a gift to the Roman citizens, to stage various forms of entertainment and to showcase Roman engineering techniques to the rest of the world. The Colosseum featured over 80 entrances and could accommodate around 50,000 spectators. When the Colosseum was in active use, festivals as well as games could last up to 100 days. Choose from tour options that include the Palantine Hill and the Forum as well if you wish to expand your visit.