Rome: Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Entrance Ticket

USD 10



Step into the fascinating world of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest minds in human history, at an immersive exhibition in Rome's stunning Palazzo della Cancelleria. This interactive experience brings to life over 65 of his ingenious inventions, giving you the unique opportunity to delve into the visionary's thought process and grasp the fundamental principles behind his groundbreaking innovations.

Delve into the innovative mind of Leonardo da Vinci with a special exhibit ticket at the stunning Palazzo della Cancelleria, where his groundbreaking engineering feats are brought to life. Navigate through four immersive sections, featuring life-size replicas and the world's only holograms of the Renaissance master's works. What's more, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage hands-on with most of the machines on display or even construct your own replica of a Da Vinci-designed bridge. As you explore, uncover the visionary's research into the classical elements of "Water," "Air," "Fire," and "Earth," gaining a deeper understanding of his extraordinary intellect. Get an up-close look at his pioneering inventions in science, aviation, and military technology.