Rome: Skip-the-Line Pantheon Ticket and Audio Guide




Unravel the secrets of Rome's iconic Pantheon with a convenient skip-the-line admission and an immersive audio guide accessible on your mobile device. As you explore this ancient marvel, discover intriguing stories and little-known facts about its rich history through the engaging audio narrative.

Experience the thrill of skipping the lines at the iconic Pantheon, where Rome's rich history unfolds before your eyes. Embark on a captivating 35-minute self-guided audio tour, conveniently accessible on your smartphone. Delve into the fascinating stories and stunning architecture of this renowned landmark, one of Rome's most iconic treasures. Discover the intriguing tales behind the Pantheon's majestic Dome, its Archaeoastronomical secrets, and the intricate design of its interior and pavement. Your digital map will guide you through 12 captivating points of interest within the Basilica, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. Secure your spot online and bypass the long queues with this efficient and hassle-free tour. Uncover the mysteries and legends surrounding the Pantheon, the enigmatic Oculus, and the revered Tombs, among many other fascinating aspects. Meet at Piazza Navona 25, a scenic 5-minute stroll from the Pantheon, where you'll collect your tickets and receive expert tips to enhance your visit. Should you need assistance with your digital audioguide, our friendly team at the Touristation Navona is always ready to lend a helping hand. As you wander through Rome's picturesque squares and fountains on your self-guided walking tour, become enchanted by the captivating beauty of this eternal city. Download the app and unlock the secrets of Rome's most captivating attractions, tracing a mesmerizing path from the awe-inspiring Pantheon to the majestic Fontana di Trevi and finally, the charming Piazza di Spagna.