Rome: St Peter's Basilica & Papal Tombs Tour with Dome Climb

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Uncover the treasures of the iconic St. Peter's Square and Basilica on a fascinating guided tour. Take your discovery to new heights by climbing the magnificent Dome, where breathtaking 360-degree views of Rome await. Next, delve into the ancient history hidden beneath your feet as you explore the mysterious underground grottoes.

Step into the grandeur of Vatican City's most iconic landmark, St. Peter's Square, where ancient history meets architectural brilliance. At the heart of the square stands an imposing Egyptian obelisk, a marvel of engineering that has withstood the test of time for over 2,500 years. As you begin your journey, soak up the majesty of the square's design, masterminded by the visionary Bernini. Be on the lookout for two special vantage points that reveal the square's clever visual tricks. As you enter the breathtaking St. Peter's Basilica, you'll be surrounded by an array of stunning artworks that adorn its vast interior. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colors on the marble floors, and be awestruck by the towering ceilings that shine like gold. Your guide will lead you through the basilica's highlights, including the majestic Papal Altar, sheltered beneath Bernini's magnificent Baldachin. You'll also behold Michelangelo's sublime masterpiece, La Pietà, a work of unparalleled beauty. Delve into the fascinating Papal Grottoes, a labyrinthine crypt hidden beneath the basilica. This subterranean world, begun in the 11th century, holds the tombs of numerous popes and royal family members. Take in the 360-degree view of the exquisite marble floors and get up close and personal with Michelangelo's stunning dome mosaics. Then, ascend to the highest point within the Vatican for a panoramic view of the city, with the lush Vatican Gardens unfolding below. Be sure to capture these unforgettable vistas with your camera!