Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli and Martyrs

Piazza della Repubblica. (Open Map)


Built by Michelangelo in the aula of the "Tepidarium" at the Terme di Diocleziano in1563, its original aspect was altered by Luigi Vanvitelli during C.XVII. 

The unadorned façade is made of the exedra from one of the rooms from the Terme, the "Calidarium". 

The interior has a Greek cross, with transversal arms exceptionally developed, that once corresponded to the central body of the thermal area that outlined the "Frigidarium". 

The architectural complex appears singularly evocative for the harmony of the structures, respected by the quite delicate decoration, added during the 1700s. 

The most famous work is the "Martirio di San Sebastiano" by Domenichino. 

In the sacristy one can find the original project by Michelangelo. Santa Maria degli Angeli is the favourite church for the official religious services.