Triton Fountain

Piazza della Bocca della Verità. (Open Map)


This fountain was designed by Carlo Francesco Bizzaccheri in 1717 and sculpted by Francesco Moratti under pope Clement the Eleventh Albani (1700-1721). It is situated in front of the basilica di Santa Mariain Cosmedin in the surroundings of the temple of Ercole Vincitore (Hercules the Winner), erroneously called “di Vesta” (of Vesta). 

It consists of a large octagonal pond with concave sides that is reminiscent of Clement the Eleventh’s star, on whose sides were four masks removed in the past century. Two tritons with intertwined tails are in the centre standing back to back on a huge reefand holding up a large shell on the outer edge of which two coats of arms of Clement the Eleventh are sculpted. The reference to the fountain of the Tritonby Bernini is obvious.