It was Ardeatine

Via Ardeatina 174. (Open Map)


These are tunnels of a quarry tragically famous for the massacre of 335 prisoners on the evening of 24 March 1944 by the German occupation forces in response to the 33 German soldiers killed in a bob attack by Italian resistance fighters in Via Rasella. 

Among the 335 victims, chosen at random, there were various political prisoners taken from the jail of Via Tasso, many Jews and some civilians. 

The site is now a monument to the values of the Italian Resistance. At the entrance there is a group of three travertine figures which idealise those of the victims. A tunnel leads to the old pozzolan quarry and to the place of the execution where there is now a sacrarium.

On July 1944 some widows (among them Lucia Zauli Mrs. Stame, Maria Giannandrea Mrs. D'Aspro ed Elvira Senesi Mrs. Giacchini), went with the heart full of pain in Campidoglio to do something in order to remember the sacrifice of their husbands. This will be the starting point of the birth of ANFIM (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Italiane Martiri Caduti per la libertà della Patria).