Museum of the Treasury of the Liberian Basilica (Santa Maria Maggiore)

Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore. (Open Map)


The museum’s collection consists of the most precious objects of the Basilica, also called the “Bethlehem of the West”, such as holy relics, chalices, ostensories and liturgical vestments. 

The items are exhibited in eight rooms and are grouped according to theme, from the Basilica’s history to the people who played an important part in it, such as Carlo Borromeo or Pope Pius IX. 

The paintings include the “Salita al Calvario” by Sodoma and three works by Beccafumi: the “Madonna con Bambino”, “Sant’Antonio da Padova” and “Santa Caterina”. 

Other interesting exhibits are the old music scores of the Music Chapel and an autograph of Pierluigi da Palestrina.