National Museum of Pasta Foods

Piazza Scanderbeg 117. (Open Map)


The National Museum of Pasta Food is managed by the Agnesi Foundation and is housed in the sixteenth century Scanderbeg Palace near Trevi Fountain. 

The collection was started by Vincenzo Agnesi in 1958 and was at first housed in the ancient family house in Pontedassio near Imperia. 

The history of pasta is illustrated in 15 rooms, from the first Etruscan mixtures of wheat and water to the creation of the pasta secca (dry pasta), from the use of the first grindstones to the modern kneading machines. 

The collection also includes machines, pieces,and documents. The many curiosities include winning photos of famous personalities, such as Totò, Sofia Loren, and Alberto Sordi coming to grips with the traditional dish of spaghetti.