Palazzo Rospigliosi Pallavicini and Gallery

Via 24 Maggio 43. (Open Map)


Built in 1605 on the ruins of the baths of Constantine by Flaminio Ponzio for cardinal Scipio Borghese, it was embellished by Giovanni Vasanzio with a sloping terraced garden. The palazzo belonged to the Altemps, Bentivoglio, Lante families, to cardinal Mazzarino, to the Mancini and then the Rospigliosi Pallavicini families. 

The latter enlarged and enriched the palace with paintings, among the artists that worked for them were Orazio Gentileschi, Paolo Brill and Antonio Tempesti, who did the fresco Triumph of Love over Fame.

The facades of the palace are plain, with rusticated ashlar works on its sides and a central portico. On the first floor is the Pallavicini Gallery with works with Botticelli, Rubens, Caravaggio and Titian (just to mention some).

Inside the garden is the Casino dell'Aurora famous for the Aurora fresco painted on the ceiling by Guido Reni.