Bridge of Duomo d'Aosta

Lungotevere Grande A.glio Thaon di Revel. (Open Map)


Ponte Ducad'Aosta, built to connect the Foro Mussolini (today’s Foro Italico) with the Flaminio Quarter, was dedicated to the heroic figure of Emmanuel Philibert duke of Aosta who lead the resistance of the Italian Army at Caporetto. Designed by architect Fasolo, it was built in the years between 1936 and 1939. 

It is 222 m (247 yd) long and 30 m (33 yd) wide. At the two ends of the bridge there are marble pillars decorated with figures in relief depicting the heroic exploits of the Italian soldiers during World War One. 

In the early twentieth century the area surrounding the bridge was famous due to the presence of the"fiumaroli" (river men), who were in fashion at that time and performed daring water shows.