Santa Anastasia at Palatine

Piazza di Sant'Anastasia. (Open Map)


The church has ancient origins. It was already present in the second half of C.IV. It was built on the ruins of the house of the dead saint’s husband, who died in Dalmatia asa martyr in 305. 

The construction was enlarged under Leo III in 700, and was reconstructed under Sisto IV in 1478. Under the lower part of the church, ruins of an ancient imperial insula can be found. The facade was built by Luigi Amigucci (mid C.XVII), and presents two parts and two twin bell towers. 

The interior has three naves, and on the ceiling is depicted the “Martirio di Sant’Anastasia” byMichele Cerreti. The statue of the saint, whom the church is dedicated to, is situated under the altar.