Villa Borghese Culture Park

Piazzale Napoleone I. (Open Map)


Villa Borghese Park covers a vast area in the heart of Rome. It lies between the stretch of the Aurelian Walls that joins Porta Pinciana to Piazzale Flaminio and the new districts of Salario and Pinciano that were created in the early twentieth century.
The Villa includes buildings, sculptures, monuments and fountains by famous artists from the Baroque, Neoclassical and Eclectic periods arranged in a park featuring lakes, Italian gardens, large open spaces and trees hundreds of years old, all laid out in accordance with the fashions then current in Europe.
The perfect balance between art and nature, a fundamental element of its original aspect, is still in evidence today despite the great changes that have affected the Villa over the centuries. The transition from private residence to public park and the development of the city fabric over the last century have certainly altered the relationship between the Villa and the city but they have not spoiled its original beauty.
Described in guidebooks to Rome of all epochs, painted by famous artists, and the inspiration for famous pieces of music and pages of literature, Villa Borghese is still redolent of the splendour of the past.