Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

USD 46



Experience Rome on a guided street food tour, we offer 2 options: the iconic Jewish Quarter or the authentic Trastevere area. Try local delicacies: supplì, pizza, gelato while strolling the areas.

Tuck into Rome's iconic street food on a guided walking tour of the Jewish Quarter or Trastevere neighborhood. Learn about local food with five excellentb tastings and try delicacies, such as pizza, supplì (deep fried rice ball) and ice-cream. Choose between our two options: Trastevere tour or of the Jewish Quarter tour, two of Rome's most picturesque districts with a small group of maximum 14 participants. Learn about Rome’s history through its most beloved street food. If you've chosen the Trastevere tour, meet your guide on Tiber Island and soak up its unique atmosphere before entering Trastevere. Step into vibrant squares, such as Piazza Santa Maria, and indulge in popular street food, from cheesy supplì to deliciously sweet Sicilian cannoli. If you've chosen the Jewish Quarter tour, head to the lively Campo De' Fiori square where one of the oldest open-air markets takes place every morning. Then, follow your guide to Rome's Jewish Quarter and see highlights, including the Portico of Octavia and the Turtle Fountain. Throughout both tours, enjoy five tastings with a sample of wine and beer. Both tours finish on a sweet note with the perfect Italian gelato.